How to Enjoy the Kawau Cruises?

Are you looking for some cool destinations in New Zealand where you can have some great time with the family? Kawau Island is one of the largest islands in the Hauraki Gulf and it remains one of the main attractions for many locals and international travelers that come here to spend great time with their family and friends. When you are searching for holiday destinations in New Zealand you have to make sure that you have the right accommodation and transport options that can take you to different destinations that you want to go. Similarly, when you want to get to Kawau Island you have to make sure that you have some information about Kawau cruises that can allow you to have the best time of holidays.

Knowing More about the Island

There are many travelers that would like to travel to an island that does not have road access and therefore they prefer to travel o Kawau Island in New Zealand that is accessible only by ferries and cruises. The island is almost 5000 acres of land where you can have some great fun with your loved ones. While the island has small population of residents here there are many holiday dwellings that you can find and where you can stay. There are many people from all over the country that come here to spend some great time and to ensure that they are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Majority of the population is around the water’s edge and they have access to it through private jetties.

Using Kawau Cruises

If you are planning to spend some time on the island you have to make sure that you make use of Kawau cruises or water taxis that are quite popular and that offer the only way to reach here. A better way to make use of the cruise service is to refer to the local timetable of the shuttle services. These shuttles depart and arrive at a fix time from Sandspit and Kawau Island. It is important that you book your tickets in advance because there are many people that do booking before they plan their holidays. There are many that make use of the cruises and water taxis to reach the island and they take it on from there as they have bookings at the holiday dwellings. However, if you are a tourist and if you want to explore it in a better way you can also opt for the tours that are provided by many cruise owners.

Kawau Cruise Tours

If you want to know more about the island and its history you can make use of the tours that are available. This makes the entire trip more meaningful because there are many cruise owners that also provide a round trip of the island and at the same time they also provide information about the history of the island. The tour is around 2 hours long and the guide will provide you on information about Beehive Islands, Bostaquet Bay and Moturekareka Island.  The cruise would also take you to the Mansion House where you can explore the mansion and the stunning gardens before returning to Sandspit Wharf. The cruise tour can be done along with the family or when you are with friends. The cruise can also take you to some uninhibited beaches where you can enjoy some fishing together and get the right experience.

Kawau Cruise for Events

There are many others that want to enjoy their parties and events in great style and therefore they make sure that they celebrate it on Kawau Island. Hence, you need to make sure that you have the Kawau Island cruises available for your guests so that they can be transported to the island and back to Sandspit Wharf on time. The island also provides a great venue for evening and luncheon cruises and corporate retreats and conferences. You can also hire Kawau cruises for schools and community group trips. This makes the island quite popular, but you will need cruise services to ensure that you get on the island in the right way and that you return home safely. Hence, you can experience the best of kiwi hospitality here at the island and enjoy the best holiday experience.